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Xtreme Vision is a sports vision training company that teaches athletes to perform instantaneous, automatic reactions by training their “read and react” skills and enhancing their focus and performance under pressure.


Beyond static visual acuity tested at the optometrist office, athletes require dynamic visual acuity.  This “vision in motion,” or the ability to resolve the details of an object while there is relative motion between the target and the observer is essential and quite different from “20/20” vision.


The “last frontier” of performance training is sports vision training.  Your eyes are muscles and like other muscle groups, they can be and need to be trained.  At Xtreme Vision, we address the dynamic visual skills required to compete at an elite level.  A few of these skills are: eye-hand coordination, speed and span of recognition, peripheral awareness, visual and motor reaction time, concentration, depth perception, anticipation timing and accommodation.





Are you doing everything you can to compete at your highest level?  If you aren’t training your dynamic visual skills, you aren’t playing at your peak performance!  We can train your speed and span of recognition, enhance your visual and motor reaction time, and reduce the stress effects of sport performance. 


Want to improve your players “Read and React” skills? Do you have athletes that over analyze the game? We enhance athlete’s peripheral awareness, concentration, eye-hand coordination, and anticipation timing. All skills that are imperative to instantaneous, automatic reactions. After an athlete, has mastered the technical skills, most performance mistakes are not because of physical movement errors but because the movement was made at the wrong time. The ability to anticipate is a major factor in high level competitive activities, and even superior speed, size, and reflexes cannot compensate for the insufficient processing of the visual information regarding when to perform. We can help! You teach them how, we teach them when.


Want your athlete to have a competitive advantage both on and off the field?  At Xtreme Vision we provide dynamic sensory motor integration program that has no negative side effects.  In fact, athletes have reported a rise in their grades, better visual awareness while driving, the first thing to improve is peripheral awareness and the ability to stay focused followed by the speed and accuracy of the physical responses. 

20/20 is NOT enough! Just having “normal” 20/20 eyesight and decent eye-hand coordination are not enough to maintain consistent superior athletic performance during practice or “peak” performances. Why sports performance suffers: Many athletes live with visual systems that give inaccurate and/or incomplete information. They deal with it by either over or under compensating during their game. Superior athletes require a highly precise and aligned visual system to be accurate EVERY time. Even with excellent coaching, practice and knowledge of the game, sports performance can be below potential with an inefficient visual system. The visual abilities needed to excel in sports are learned skills that can be enhanced, while bad visual habits can be unlearned.

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