"The Sensory Station is a state-of-art sensory evaluation and training station which assesses 10 visual and sensorimotor skills. The Skills that are evaluated by the Sensory Station are:
  • VISUAL CLARITY - How clearly you see distant details.
  • CONTRAST SENSITIVITY How accurately you judge differences in contrast.
  • DEPTH PERCEPTION- How accurately you judge depth information at distance.
  • NEAR FAR QUICKNESS- How quickly you change attention between distances.
  • PERCEPTION SPAN- How quickly you visually acquire critical information.
  • REACTION TIME- How quickly your hand reacts to a visual signal.
  • MULTIPLE OBJECT TRACKING- How accurately you track objects moving in space with distractions.
  • TARGET CAPTURE- How rapidly you visually shift and recognize a peripheral target.
  • EYE HAND COORDINATION- How quickly your hand responds to changing targets.
  • GO/NO GO- How quickly and accurately you make decisions and react in pressure situations.
SENAPTEC STROBE - Sensory Performance Training Eyewear
The Senaptec Strobe is designed to train the connections between an individual's eyes, brain, and body. Using liquid crystal technology, the lenses flicker between clear and opaque, removing visual information and forces the individual to process more efficiently. The Senaptec Strobe can be integrated into existing training drills and exercises.