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Daily Vision Vlog: Sports Vision Training Exercise to Improve Convergence & Divergence

Join Jonathan Cruz, Director of Sports Vision Training at Xtreme Vision in Bellaire, Texas, as he discusses the importance of improving convergence and divergence. Convergence is the ability for the eyes to team together to focus on a target at an up-close range. Divergence is the ability for the eyes to team together to focus on a target at a distance.

Football players need strong convergence and divergence skills since they have to follow the ball as it comes closer to make the catch. Baseball players use both convergence and divergence skills when batting or catching since they need to be able to track the ball to know where it is in the space around them.

How do you know if you have good eye teaming skills, such as, divergence and convergence?

If you have at least 20/20 acuity, the target that you are focusing on should be single and clear. If you are having issues with keeping the target single and clear, you should reach out to the optometrists at Bellaire Family Eye Care to be assessed on this issue.

Below is the convergence exercise:

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