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Daily Vision Vlog: Sports Vision Training Eye-Hand Coordination Exercise

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Jonathan Cruz, the Director of Sports Vision Training at Xtreme Vision, discusses eye-hand coordination. One of the most important visual skills an athlete needs is eye-hand coordination. We call it eye-hand coordination and not hand-eye coordination is because the eyes should lead the hands/and or body. We don’t want our hands showing our eyes where the target is since that will lead to errors in your game.

To improve your eye-hand coordination you need to strengthen other visual skills, including accuracy, reaction time and central and peripheral awareness. These visual skills help enhance the neuromuscular pathways between your reflexes, eyes and brain, allowing you to react with speed and accuracy without having to think about what is happening.

Try the following sports vision training exercise you can do at home to help work on eye-hand coordination:

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