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First Coaches & Trainers Lunch with Brandon Belt

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Brandon Belt Sports Vision Training
Dr. Marcia Moore, Brandon Belt, Dr. Ann Voss

We were so thrilled to have Brandon Belt, the starting first baseman of the San Francisco Giants, visit us today. He shared how vision therapy has made a difference for him and his game with a group of coaches and athletic trainers. After suffering a concussion during the 2015 season, he was referred to our clinic to help him restore his full visual capacity before returning to the game. Brandon credits our sports vision training program with helping him elevate his game to a higher level by seeing the ball quicker, having his eyes communicate with his brain faster, and ultimately hitting the baseball more productively.

What began for Brandon as a rehab treatment, is now a commitment to improving performance every off-season so that he can be the best he can be. “Timing in baseball is everything,” he said. Gaining even a millisecond of reaction time helps.

Sports Vision Training is the next thing, he believes, that athletes will be drawn to because the higher you go in your sport, the faster the sport becomes. To be competitive, your eyes have to be in the best condition possible. Players are always looking for an edge in the game, and for Brandon, this training achieves just that. Sports Vision Training is for athletes of all sports, at all levels.

Dr. Ann Voss

Xtreme Vision

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