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Sports Vision Training Camp Registration Now Open

Houston Summer Youth Sports Vision Camp
Register now for Youth Sports Vision Training Camp in July!

Ready, Set, Summer! The Youth Sports Vision Training Camp at Xtreme Vision is a unique sports camp unlike anything else you will find in Houston. Our sports vision trainers will focus on creating a custom experience for each athlete to help them take their sports vision skills to the next level.

Camp will start with each athlete getting a sports vision assessment to find out where their sports vision skills need improvement. The rest of the week will focus on improving those skills through a customized training experience for each athlete. Sports vision skills each athlete will work on include:

1. Visual Clarity

2. Contrast Sensitivity

3. Depth Perception

4. Near – Far Quickness

5. Perception Span

6. Multiple Object Tracking

7. Reaction Time

8. Target Capture

9. Eye-Hand Coordination

10. Go/No Go (Stress Effect)

11. Anticipation Timing

12. Concentration

13. Initiation Speed

14. Peripheral Awareness

15. Speed and Span of Recognition

16. Eye Alignment

17. Eye Dominance

18. Visual Memory

19. Visual Tracking

Your child will be able to experience how professional athletes, like the Houston Astros, train to get their visual skills to the elite performance level. We welcome athletes from all sports and skill levels!

Space is limited! Register today!

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