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The Off Season Doesn’t Exist for Elite Athletes

Houston Tennis Personal Training

Every athlete knows that all your muscles need to be in top shape, yet the eye muscles are usually ignored. This is a huge problem because 80% of common athletic mistakes are caused by vision errors. Visual skills are vital in every sport, which is why it is important to start working on improving your sports vision skills.

Our sports vision training specifically focuses on bringing your visual skills to an elite performance level. Xtreme Vision’s sports vision trainers use state-of-the-art technology to run our sports vision assessment. We look to see where each athlete needs improvement on the following dynamic visual skills:

1. Visual Clarity

2. Contrast Sensitivity

3. Depth Perception

4. Near – Far Quickness

5. Perception Span

6. Multiple Object Tracking

7. Reaction Time

8. Target Capture

9. Eye-Hand Coordination

10. Go/No Go (Stress Effect)

11. Anticipation Timing

12. Concentration

13. Initiation Speed

14. Peripheral Awareness

15. Speed and Span of Recognition

16. Eye Alignment

17. Eye Dominance

18. Visual Memory

19. Visual Tracking

We develop a customized training program based on each athletes’ sport, position and assessment results. The technology we use to test, train and track our athletes’ progress provides useful data, insights and expert guidance.

Sports vision training is important for any athlete, no matter what level, and we work with Houston area athletes and professional athletes from across the country. Schedule a sports vision assessment today!

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